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About Us

Digtal Vision has been well established in the satellite installation business for commercial and domestic clients around The Hague area.

We have installed thousands of satellite systems, starting from the most basic satellite domestic system receiving Digital Channels at Astra 2 (28E) to complicated multi Satellite system servicing leading TV stations. Our deep knowledge allows as being Frontend Company, fully capable of tendering large scale Fibre Optic IRS systems. We also have been working with number of Estate Agents to support their management business, and provide quick and efficient respond for any issues related to TV/Satellite problem.

We are proud with our after sales and maintenance services, where we do systems upgrade and on the go repairs. In many cases we work even after or before normal working hours. Some of our clients as Business owners, Rstaurants do appreciate our flexibility.

Many of our client are Estate Agents or Developers, some of them are with us since we have started our business. We have developed “moving in” services especially for Landlords and Agents where new tenants can seamlessly continue their way of living.

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